Review: Young Liars ‘Tidal Wave’


I don’t think I could even be mad if I were hit by a car while listening to Young Liars. Their debut, Tidal Wave, opens by telling us that they have been on the ocean looking for answers. Well, I’ve been on the ocean looking for answers, too. Like when I was living on Staten Island, riding home on the ferry, at four in the morning and being propositioned by a pimp who was wearing a 1993 Chicago Bulls N.B.A. Championship t-shirt,’ wondering what happened to my life.

Tidal Wave comes just in time for summer and before I pass out from heat exhaustion (and land face down in a fish-gut-rainbow-puddle Chinatown special); drowning in one of the stranger deaths in recent NYC history. Luckily, Young Liars swoop in to cool me down with what should be a sure thing, summer anthem, “Young Again.”

It’s okay. I get up and ride the laid back, trippiness of Tidal Wave to somewhere air conditioned: my apartment. About now I’m cursing my slumlord for keeping the entire building’s trash outside my apartment door but my complaints sink into irrelevancy quicker than a chariot riding Egyptian, trying to chase Charlton Heston across the Red Sea, once “Dreams” starts playing.

So what now? Well, I’ll try and figure it out during the marshmallow ride of relaxation that “Challenging Aquilon” brings. But it’s quick and I get up to peer out my window into the madness of drunken debauchery that is the Lower East Side, at night, while listening to “Night Window,” and I think to myself, “Brooklyn it is, Tim.”

As I take the F to the L train, I listen to the confidence boosting lyrics of “Supertramp” and shed my normally self conscience mind, for something a little bit looser. A few minutes later, I’m on Bedford Ave and I want to kill everyone. It’s okay though, “Runaway,” comes on and lets me take a breath, reset and find something better, while simultaneously telling me, “Tim, you aren’t that cool. So, shaddup and keep moving.”

“Lovely and Wild” starts to play, reminding me that Brooklyn is still cool, while filling my ears with synthy happiness as I bump into friends I haven’t seen in a year, outside of McCarren. I keep moving and step into a nearby bar as “Tiny Creatures” plays — just as I notice four exes and 20 of their friends peppered throughout the bar. I hide in the bathroom. After a few moments, I splash water on my face and head back out into the fray.

I walk over to the bar and order a beer. I tell myself that everything is going to be fine and how couldn’t it, with the understated beauty of “Blooming Hearts” ringing in my ears. I slip back outside to pretend to smoke away my troubles. Just as I’m thinking of turning around and heading back home, a soft voice asks me for a light. I turn and suddenly, everything is beautiful. We start to chat as “Ocean Arms plays in the one earphone I still have in, and I’m not just calm, I’m happy.

I love summer and I think I love Young Liars, too.

Young Liars’ Tidal Wave is out June 24 on Nettwerk.

Review by Timothy White. Follow him on Twitter @tiptothehip. 


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