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Bushwig! 5 people of this year’s drag festival

In case you missed my post last Friday, this past weekend was Bushwig. It’s a 2-day drag festival that doubles as an inclusive party for the alternative queer communities of Brooklyn and beyond. You may have already seen the photo galleries on sights like Gothamist of all the fabulous attendees and performers, but how often do you get to hear them speak? Did you see a name or an Instagram handle attached to their photo? Why do they come to the fest at all? Where are they when they’re not watching queens perform back to back numbers from 3-10? We headed out to day 2 of the fest with a Windows phone camera to find out why people love Bushwig and what they get up to the rest of the year.


From left to right: Krymson ScholarFuzzy Lumpkin, Crimson Kitty, Cream Victoria

What’s your name?

Fuzzy Lumpkin

What do you love about Bushwig?

It’s just such an empowering space. We’re having fun and dismantling gender constructs. There’s radical self-expression (here). It’s just like “dreams do come true!”

And where can we find you till next year’s Bushwig?

Omigosh, just going to the Rosemount and Secret Project Robot and on my Instagram account.


What’s your name?

Hey, I’m Alexander the Great. I’m from Austin Texas.

What do you love about Bushwig?

This is my first Bushwig, and I love that everyone is just here to celebrate who they are, gender expression, and individuality.

And where can we find you till next year’s Bushwig?

Well, I perform in Austin. You can find me online on Instagram and also on Facebook.


What’s your name?

I’m Taylor.

What do you love about coming to Bushwig? Why do you come?

Bushwig I love because I get to look like the most ridiculous version of myself and not even think twice and that’s how it should be every day. That’s why I love the little world that this is. It’s like Christmas for me.

And where can we find you till next year’s Bushwig?

You’ll find me at all the Brooklyn bars just covered in crystals, half naked. That’s my thing. I don’t do wigs but butt cheeks and crystals—I’m there.



What is your name?

Thee Suburbia, like T-H-E-E Suburbia.

Why do you love coming to Bushwig? What Brought you here?

Well I was brought here by accident 4 years ago and I’ve been coming here ever since.

What kind of accident?

Well my friend was a drag queen and she needed someone else to be in her performance and we were a trio. After that, I kept trickling out and boom! I’ve exploded of all over the place.

And where can we find you till next year’s Bushwig?

You can find me at Rock Bar every Sunday for Let’s Have a Croissant. You also can find me in Wisconsin at D.I.X. Milwaukee. You can find me every Friday at Macri Park for Happy Hour 7-11, and other various places around the universe (like on Instagram).


Tell me your name

My name is JD

What do you love about Bushwig? Why do you come?

What I love so much about Bushwig is that I can come here and be supported by dozens, hundreds of LGBTQ2AI all of the above people who are so freely able to express themselves in this place. I love coming and being able to be a hyperextended version of myself where I can express myself in ways that I’m not normally able to in a straight, heteronormative world.

Where can we find you till next year’s Bushwig?

I will be working in television. I am also working in a non-profit organization called Voices For, which is at the moment Voices For Chechnya, supporting LGBTQ people who are trying to find refuge and support in the United States. We are currently planning a march. We have fundraising events for helping these Chechens obtain visas which is very expensive, very time-consuming, and very long process, so that the people that over there can have the same benefits that we do, living in the United States. Being able to wear long hair, have unshaven legs, wear heels, lipstick flowing, and eyeshadow lit! We’re just trying to be here for our brothers and sisters and thems and theys around the world.

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