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7 Powerful Music Videos With A Social Message

Since Ferguson, Missouri has recently turned into what would appear to be an actual war-zone, a good amount of our current dialogue has appropriately shifted from meaningless repartee to politics and social issues. It’s devastating that it took such a horrific incident to bring attention to the issues at hand, but hey, at least we’re talking? And while we’re talking, let’s take a look at some of the most compelling (and downright sad) videos that address real issues and seek to inspire change.

1. MIA’s ‘Born Free’ 

MIA is obviously no stranger to controversy, and this extremely graphic video is proof enough. Bringing attention to the sheer lunacy of genocide by showing a bunch of red-headed boys getting brutally murdered is a pretty crazy idea, but it definitely works.

2. Radiohead’s ‘All I Need’

Watch this and never complain about your first world problems again.

3. Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Testify’ 

This Michael Moore-directed video is stuffed to the gills with various themes and topics, including our obsession with oil, phony politicians, and…well, pretty much anything and everything else that’s wrong with the world. It’s like, a magnum opus of political music videos.

4. Skinny Puppy’s ‘Testure’ 

Skinny Puppy is probably best known for their insane live performances that utilize [fake] blood, nooses, and imagery depicting animal experimentation and the horrific consequences of chemical warfare. This particular video brings attention to the use of vivisection, and it’s really, really, really, difficult to watch.

5. J. Cole’s ‘Crooked Smile’ 

So relevant. So sad.

6. 2Pac’s ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby’ 

This powerful track explores issues associated with teenage pregnancy, the hardships of growing up in poor, urban areas, and a lack of resources from family members and the government. The most painful thing about all of this is probably that the song is over 20 years old and these issues are still so, so real.

7. Snoop Lion’s ‘No Guns Allowed’ (ft. Drake & Cori B.)

As the title suggests, ‘No Guns Allowed’ is about ending the massive gun violence epidemic both domestically and globally. The chilling video features children playing with guns like toys along with footage from the aftermaths of Sandy Hook and Columbine, George Zimmerman protests, and way too many other recent tragedies.


Article by Nicole Woszczyna. Follow her on Twitter @nicolewosz


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