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A Few of Our Favorite Things: QUARTERBACKS

QUARTERBACKS are definitely not just some high-school jocks reliving their glory days — far from it. Hailing from New Paltz, NY — the artsy, hippy college town two hours north of the city — this scrappy pop punk trio touts a sound that’s precise and familiar, one that impressively flirts with nostalgia and youthful angst, but never gratuitously so. Their tracks are almost exclusively less than two minutes long, but with their crunchy guitar riffs, pummeling low-end, and strategic tempo shifts, QUARTERBACKS have created songs that somehow condense expansive emotional and sonic ideas into quick, measured gutshots of honesty.

The band will be releasing their first official, self-titled LP, on February 10. We figured it’d be best to hit up the dudes and see what they’re up to in their downtime. So check out the paintings, bands, and tortillas that fuel the speedy fun, and be sure to be on the lookout for QUARTERBACKS come February.

1. Colin Alexander’s paintings


2. The b-52’s live, November 1980

3. Rasa – “A Perfect Love”

4. iji – “cool desert (live)”

5. Fresco tortilla in Poughkeepsie, NY


​6. John Handy “Spanish Lady”

7. Allyssa Yohana’s Photography




8. pharoah sanders – “the healing song”

9. sitcom – “drum set”

10. Rocket Number Nine Record store in Kingston, NY


QUARTERBACKS is out from Team Love February 10.

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