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After the band with CHILLEMI: outtakes from Issue 6.5

Photos by Cheryl Georgette.

Here are outtakes from the forthcoming Issue 6.5—a preview of what’s coming in the special SXSW edition.

CHILLEMI is the solo project of Brian Chillemi, of Junk Boys and Organs. CHILLEMI have made waves in New York with his nostalgic, bluesy tracks including “Child of the Earth” and “Debbie.” His debut EP Went To Town reference the type of sketchy downtown New York that was lost in the 1970s, but continues to exist within CHILLEMI’s smokey guitar rifts. He is set to join the line up at this year’s Cult Citizen along with fellow New Yorkers Surfbort, Promiseland, BOYTOY, Bambara and Kyle Avallone in celebration of our 20th show. If you find yourself at SXSW this weekend don’t miss out on this incredible line up!


Find CHILLEMI online here.

Issue 6.5 is coming! Pick one up at SXSW or keep an eye out as it makes its way to the cyber world.

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