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After the band with Kyle Avallone: outtakes from Issue 6.5

Photos by Cheryl Georgette.

Here are outtakes from the forthcoming Issue 6.5—a preview of what’s coming in the special SXSW edition.

Is Kyle Avallone a lonesome crooner or maybe just a performer? Does he prefer analog or digital? So many questions about this man and perhaps none of them will be answered until he walks on the stage at SXSW. Even then, the mystery of his character and music could remain intact. His sound is just so: it leaves you wanting more, and wanting to know more. There’s an eeriness to it that skirts earworm replay-ability, but passes on cliche and expectation. Hints of burning hot Kraftwerk-style keys overlay post-70s drear and blear, painting Kyle Avallone as a wandering subway cowboy, hoping to replace the train car with a spacecraft. 

2018_01_Brian Kyle cherylgeorgette009_hires

Issue 6.5 is coming! Pick one up at SXSW or keep an eye out as it makes its way to the cyber world.

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