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Album Premiere: Pink Mexico ‘DUMP’

Sometimes, on the edge of a cold winter where Brexit is never ending and Donald Trump’s stint in the White House feels like it’s already lasted an eternity, you just need to be listening to songs titled “Fuckhead” and “Shit River”.

Thank fuck for Pink Mexico, then. This Brooklyn based three piece are prepped to release the perfect remedy to these late winter existential blues, a stark reminder that we are nearly out of the dark, and it comes in the form of third album DUMP. Despite being a thirteen track project, this thing ends up feeling way too short. The tracks are angry and fast, euphoric yet sad, not only at the same time, but in an average running length of just two to three minutes. It’s the music equivalent of packing every item of clothing into a bag before a two week vacation; it shouldn’t be humanly possible, and yet somehow that zipper always gets zipped.

The result is a mind bending catapult of sound. From the opening track “Thumbsucker”, frontman Robert Preston Collum lays down the letter of the law, inviting the listener in before sucker punching the ears with a huge wall of ripping guitar licks. The lead single does the same. With a name like “Dirty and Stupid”, this was never going to be the ballad break. Instead, the drums take centre stage, giving the track an instant aggressive edge which is basically willing you to experience it live. Even “Rattlebrain”, one of the album’s more drowsy cuts, is essentially the epitome of sleep paralysis. Things are just about to get comfortable before those sweet swooning guitars mutate into something far more rabid, swerving the groove out of its comfort zone until the vocals culminate into an almost anthemic finale.

It’s a further indication, if it’s needed, that Pink Mexico aren’t here to kill time. It’s thirteen tracks long, but DUMP is all substance and no filler. And that’s to be expected. If this album’s their chance to throw a fiery curveball into this never ending winter, it’s no wonder they won’t let a single second snuff out the flame.

Listen here to our exclusive stream of the album before it’s available everywhere tomorrow.

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