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Album Premiere: SIGNAL Self-Titled

Photo by Leia Jospe.

This band needs to be ticketed for disturbing the peace. SIGNAL is a NYC-based group that’s going back to the basics of hardcore and reuniting all punk rockers. Their debut self-titled EP, exclusively premiering below, is thrashing with short and snappy drums that bang along to the bubbles popping from your boiling blood, and vocals that scratch and call your bullshit out. The intro track “Rat Pink Eye” starts out like a disturbing children’s story—a Jack & Jill kind of story with blood and fear set to distorted guitars and screaming, It’s epic. The rest of the album is sure to kick your ass.

Listen below to the EP before it’s official release on August 10th (pre-order here!) and prepare yourself for the grit. Plus, keep up with SIGNAL via bandcamp here!

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