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Album Premiere: The Night Screams ‘Stuck’ EP

Photo by Jeanette D. Moses/ Blood Sweat & Beers NYC

You can’t get any grittier than this. Say hello to the guttural and dirty Brooklyn-based punk band The Night Screams. Remember how angsty and rebellious Robin was when he first started living with Batman? Well, imagine on top of becoming a badass sidekick he also decided to start a punk band and be his own Dark Knight. That is The Night Screams. Premiering below is their newest EP Stuck. It might not be the EP you wanted, but it’s the one you deserve. Garage through-and-through the EP provides angry lyrics that tips you over the edge—it wails about politics, love, and haunting memories. Dirty fuzzed out guitar and heavy drumbeats carry the melodies, while frontman Michael Preiss tears up these tunes with his gutsy take-no-prisoners screams into the mic. Listen below and pre-order the cassette on King Pizza Records!

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