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Album premiere: The Royal They ‘Foreign Being’

Close enough to hardcore to cause a riot, but far enough away for everyone to enjoy.

The bold new album Foreign Being, beginning with a track entitled “C.N.T.” that shrieks, “I know you’re trying to fuck the world, but you will not fuck me!” reveals a heavier side to The Royal They. They’ve always been a band that backhands people with a surprising dose of hardcore, but this album fully embraces that.

The unsuspecting three-piece are extremely approachable and unpretentious—it’s hard to expect what happens next once they take the stage. Their songs have a sweet side, but aren’t afraid to be jammed packed with gritty guitar solos, menacing drum rolls, and guttural screams.

Foreign Being is what you’d imagine playing in the background while watching someone fall in love in the grittiest and dirtiest dive bar. It’s soaked in beer, doesn’t give a fuck, and an instigator—but still somehow pulls at your heartstrings.

Is this album the love of your life or the asshole you can’t help but keep going back to? Find out below with the premiere of Foreign Being by The Royal They!

Tape officially out January 13th via King Pizza Record—pre-order it here! Find The Royal They online @theroyalthey!

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