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June 5th: Alt Citizen’s Altered States with Alex Carapetis @ Night of Joy

It’s been really beautiful to watch Alt Citizen grow and mutate into its current incarnation for the last two years. It feels like the community has gotten bigger and more intertwined—more artists working with each other in whatever capacity or random roles we can etch out of the destitute cultural landscape.

Cult Citizen has become a cool moment to try and get everyone in a room together but because of an obligation of feigned politeness for the bands, it’s not exactly a mingling moment (unless you just kind of hang out outside in the smoking area). Anyways this is all to say that this is basically the imeptus for our very first ever happy hour. We wanted a moment where we could hang out, get weird and shoot the shit in a setting actually conducive to this.

To kick off the very first installment of this event we have Alex Carapetis from The Voidz(!!) DJing. The Voidz will also begin their sold out Elsewhere residency the next night so it’s all essentially serendipitous and beautiful.

Come hang out, say hello, and get weird. See you there

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