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April 12: A Place To Bury Strangers (record release) @ Elsewhere, 8PM ($15)

A Place To Bury Strangers has been pummeling their noise into (initially) unsuspecting people for about 15 years during which they’ve seen the rise and continual fall of New York’s sickly DIY scene. As the faces of Death By Audio (and essentially martyrs) and symbols of the continual gentrification of Williamsburg, the band evokes the type of heart warming sentiment I usually reserve for dead poets.

Beyond cultural reverence—A Place To Bury Strangers continues to put out solid albums of sonic iconoclasm. On April 12th they’ll grace the hall at Elsewhere to celebrate the release of their most recent record Pinned.

There are few live shows I can recommend more than APTBS. Their set is always thrashing, loud and also intimate. It’s like having your brain actively drilled into, or a pleasant lobotomy. They create and destroy everything around them and you’re all the better for seeing it happen.

16+, tickets and details here.

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