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April 24: Lola Pistola, Mima Good, Pom Pom Squad and Menjuje (The Good Girl Party) @ Elsewhere 7pm ($10)

Are you a good bitch or a bad bitch? It’s 2018! You can proudly be anyone you want to be and where better to celebrate that than at Elsewhere with a badass lineup of equally badass women of music. And keep DIY feminist art alive by checking out merchandise from Bitchfist, Womanly Magazine, Boring Boys Club, and Macc Anarchy Fems.

Dropping her debut EP, Good Girl, the same day as the show, Mima Good will take control of the stage as she shares her sexy and jazzy anthems of empowerment. She’s had enough of the shit her past lovers have her put her through and it’s time to say goodbye to the good girl she thought she was.

Headlining the show with a fierce growl will be Lola Pistola, the not-to-be-fucked with¬†queen from Red Hook. I’ve had her grungy, 90s inspired monster of a debut album, Curfew, on repeat since it came out in September and she’ll be sure to beat your senses senselessly live

Supported by Menjuje and the melancholy riff queen Pom Pom Squad, The Good Girl Party will be an inclusive show for women of all expressions to celebrate the real power of womanhood. No matter how many others continue to try to say otherwise.

16+, tickets and details here.

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