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Art Cures: Nasty Women

Art Cures offers a themed list of music, films, books, events and other cool stuff in hopes of supplying you with a sufficient art fix, as well as the cures you didn’t know you needed. So whether you’re reeling from a recent break-up, seeking inspiration for your creative block, or just needing a change of scenery, these lists will help raise your spirits and remedy your ills. 

While it’s truly unfortunate that we’re still advocating for equal rights in 2017, it’s amazing to see the people – both men and women – come together en masse to raise their voices and demand to be heard. The current administration might be oppressive and archaic AF, but we do have power and together, we can make a difference. It’s okay to feel angry (how can you not?) as long as you fuel that anger into something productive, and when you’re exhausted from marching/writing letters/calling senators/making posters/etc., take a break and enjoy the lady-friendly links below.

  • Go see XX, “A new all-female helmed horror anthology featuring four dark tales written and directed by fiercely talented women.” The two midnight screenings will take place at Nitehawk on February 17th and 18th, and you don’t want to miss out.


  • Fans were pretty upset when Amazon cancelled the empowering Mad Men-esque series after one season. Good Girls Revolt depicts a group of ambitious female “News of the Week” employees who file a lawsuit against their male boss for not allowing them to work as journalists or receive equal pay. It’s based on true events, and is sadly still fully relevant almost 50 years later. (Cross your fingers in hopes of it coming back!)

  • We may be nearing the end of Black History Month, but there’s still time for some more cultural celebration and support. Familiarize yourself with Jamila Woods and her #blackgirlmagic anthem ‘Blk Girl Soldier.’ It’s a year old, but it’s beautiful, timely, and oh so powerful with an A+ video.

  • What do you get when you put two bad bitches in a totally off-the-wall and totally female-centric film? Feminist gold, that’s what. Antibirth is a trashy fever dream rife with unnerving body horror and visceral metaphors depicting consent, reproduction and the general anxieties of being a woman. It’s currently streaming on Netflix.

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  • Meet the 19-year-old whose amazing poem was performed by Ashley Judd at the Women’s March on Washington. Not much to anyone’s surprise, Judd’s rendition went viral and we all learned that it was written and originally performed by Nina Donovan, a passionate and charismatic student who wants ladies to “stay nasty and woke.”

Article by Nicole Woszcyzna. Follow her on Twitter @nicolewosz.

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