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Watch: Arthur Moon’s queer pop video for “Wait A Minute”

Our generation is going through the most public sexual revolution since the 60’s and 70’s free love movement. It’s not just the push toward greater sexual exploration, but the general questioning and open mindedness of gender, and multi-generational conversation around feminism that promises a safer and hopefully (eventually) more accepting society.

Music and sexuality have always been intertwined, so it’s no surprise that with the new sexual revolution, comes a new group of progressive singers and songwriters to provide the soundtrack for the movement.

One of these musicians is Arthur Moon, AKA Lora-Faye Ashuvud, whose latest video “Wait A Minute” sets her trippy, mournful melodies to a backdrop of Old Dyke and Women’s Marches that is equal parts celebration of the queer resistance as well a challenging question of the movement’s positioning in the consumerist spectacle.

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