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Rocky & the Pressers are the Best Reggae Band I’ve Seen to this Day


Rocky & the Pressers are the best reggae band I’ve seen to this day. Though they call the Bronx home, they play all over the Tri-state area on a weekly basis and build a solid following at every show they play. Only inches away from producing their debut album, Rocky & the Pressers will take the world by storm. It is only a matter of time until they flood  your musical appetite with their enlightening vocal harmonies and dance-hall beat-drops. If you haven’t seen them yet, find their next show and go!

I met four of their members, Eric, Danny, Seth, and Rocky, a couple weeks ago at Main Essentials in Nyack, NY, just before a show at Olive’s. We cheered to a shot of Baji Chew, ate some delicious veggie chow, and discussed past glories, struggles, and the road ahead.


Alright guys, how did you feel about 2012?

Eric: For Rocky & the Pressers, 2012 has been good. It’s just been a drawn out recording process…way more drawn out than we thought. Taking on a lot of performances and rehearsals while trying to finish the album gets in the way.

Rocky: It’s been a struggle—just keeping the pace, forging ahead.

Seth: It was interesting, actually, tackling a lot of the issues that we’ve come across in 2012. As far as personal issues, money issues, time, acclimating new personnel to our music.

Danny: Don’t know what you’re talking about! It’s been great for me–I just joined The Pressers.


You guys have changed your line-up a lot since the first time I’ve seen you perform. Do you feel like you’re on solid grounds now?

Eric: Yeah, we’ve got a good core.

Rocky: I think we’re pretty firm now.


What are some highlighted shows of this year?

Eric: We played Mercury Lounge recently, and Brooklyn Bowl during the spring. The Blue in Portland, Maine was great as well. We’re gonna play the Electric Factory in Philadelphia in two weeks.


Doomsday: a hoax or real talk?

Rocky: You’ll have to talk to our Doomsday expert Danny.

Danny: I don’t think it’s going to be Doomsday, but there’s definitely going to be a lot of changes. I’m just preparing to hit music way harder than ever before and get pumped up about the good things in life. That is what it’s all about.

Eric: We’re playing the Electric Factory on December 21st, 2012. So if a comet strikes the Earth and incinerates us while we’re playing, that would be cool. But if everyone in the venue turns into zombies, that’s not the type of place you want to be.

Seth: I was worried about that, but then I thought about it–if any of those cataclysmic events happen, we need to get mad roots…get everyone swaying.

Rocky: That zombie one-drop.

Seth: That’s when Jah will save us…

Eric: But it wouldn’t hurt to have an escape plan. Get out of the venue and find the nearest stables! We’ll need some crowbars and carrots. I don’t want to die in Philadelphia!


If the world does not end, what can we expect from Rocky & the Pressers next year?

Rocky: A finished album.

Seth: T-shirts, lighters, [and] we’re going to Jamaica. I’m gonna force these dudes to stay in my aunt’s houses and play with their dogs. Chill and tour.

Eric: Just keep playing and rehearsing, getting our vocals tighter, up our equipment. We’re hoping to be on some festivals next summer.


Any name for the debut album yet?

Eric: Yeah, but it’s under wraps.


Where did you record the album?

Eric: We tracked all the basics up in a unique space in coastal Maine—four instruments simultaneously.

Rocky: We are finishing the rest in my basement studio.


How do you prepare for shows?

Eric: We are trying to improve our logistical efforts. We want to have everything way more organized. Once we get all those organizational issues out of the way, we got to make sure everyone is taken care of. We have to maintain our sense of purpose, and get all of the bad habits out of our heads.

Rocky: There are six or seven dudes, a lot of moving parts.


What’s it like being a new band in this digital world? 

Rocky: It’s a big mess.

Eric: It’s always been hard. We’ll just keep playing shows to make our dough–definitely get CDs out.

We’re putting together another video soon. I was brainstorming last night for our song “Stewball”–it might be single-worthy.

We also want to do a live performance or a soundstage and incorporate some theatrics, puppets, lights, and live animals.


What artists are your listening to?

Seth: Bingus Jones.

Rocky: An assortment of new ‘hip’ music blended with old reggae, like The Abyssinians.

Danny: Steel Pulse.

Eric: It’s tough out there.


Watch Rocky & The Pressers perform “Never Dry” below:


Written by: Timpy Robbins

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