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As Told By: The Garden

As Told By is a new series of tour stories straight from the mouths of our favorite bands. Interview by Tamim Alnuweiri, Photos by Cheryl Georgette

“I don’t remember where we were maybe Minneapolis or something, we were getting into our hotel and it’s 2 AM. The guy gave us our key and he was taking a really long time at the front desk and we get to our room and the key didn’t work. We went back downstairs and he gave us a new key. We went back upstairs and finally got into the room.


We get in there and it’s all dark, and we can’t really turn on the lights for some reason. We’re just talking really loud and joking around and stuff. I was pretty far into the room, Wyatt was next to the bathroom and the other guy we were with was outside still. All of a sudden the bed was messed up. I was like what the fuck it’s all messy in here that sucks. It was still dark though and all of a sudden I saw somebody move in the bed. I screamed a little bit, it just shocked me so much. It was just this lady in there by herself croaking “what’s going on?! what’s going on?!” I was like “oooh fuck, oh my gosh. I’m so sorry! We got the wrong key I guess?!” We were like aaaah see you and we left.


I found the guy in an elevator, I think he was just working the whole hotel by himself. I told him what happened and he was like “what?! stay here” and he ran back downstairs and gave us a new room. It was shocking to show up at a hotel room at 2 in the morning and have a lady in there sleeping. As far as I know it was a real person but he didn’t know she was in there, so maybe it was a ghost.”

— Fletcher Shears, The Garden

The Garden is currently on a North American tour with Fat Tony and Cowgirl Clue. Catch them April 15th at the Knitting Factory. Tickets and information here. You can see a complete list of tour dates here.


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