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Aug 26: AdHoc presents Surf Curse, Lala Lala, Navy Gangs @ Trans-Pecos, 8PM ($12)

I was going to go to Long Island this weekend for a barbecue until I realized how far it is—three hours roundtrip guys, that’s halfway to London. Anyways I’m not going to do that but I am going to probably go to a show because it’s just a little bit easier than sending those “what are you doing tonight?” texts that remind you that life is nothing if not a deep abyss of emptiness.

I’m mostly kidding but !!! okay anyways yes this Saturday at Trans-Pecos Surf Curse play alongside Lala Lala and Navy Gangs. I actually initially came across Surf Curse on one of those weird “new indie bands that’s aren’t horrible” playlists and Navy Gangs came out with one of the best releases of 2016 so just go, it’ll be a good show.

All ages, tickets and details here.

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