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Back10: 2007 series @ Nitehawk

Ahhh 2007. The year we all had flip phones, and Kim Kardashian was still Paris Hilton’s assistant. The moving image I most associate with the year 2007 is Britney taking an umbrella to a paparazzi’s car door, her bald head and enraged grimace evoking some neo nazi. Sadly, that moment wasn’t in a proper film, so Nitehawk had to find some other movies to flesh out their selections for Back10:2007 a 2-month long celebration of all the great films we forget came out in 2007. Below are some of my picks for the ones especially worth seeing.

Friday June 30th @ Midnight — Grindhouse


Named for the lost breed of theatres playing back to back films known for the gratuitous gore and sex scenes that practically have the words “male gaze” emblazoned over each frame, this is a double feature from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez paying tribute to the genre. First up is Rodriguez’s Planet Terror, a zombie film most famous for Rose McGowan sporting a machine gun for a leg, but has plenty of other blood splattering good fun as well. After that is Death Proof, the Tarantino flick about a stunt car driver turned serial killer that he wrote to give Uma Thurman’s stunt double from kill bill her own role. No spoilers, but this has one of my all time favorite violent girl gang moments of all time.

Sat July 8th and Sun July 9th @ 11:15 — Knocked Up


The film that launched Judd Apatow’s 1000 ships, and set the course for the titanic known as Katherine Hegel’s film career. Sure the 40 Year Old Virgin broke Apatow in a big way, but this movie proved he had staying power.

Fri August 11th @ Midnight — The Mist


There’s nothing like the sheer size of a theater screen to take a horror movie up a notch.

Sat August 5th and Sun August 6th @ 11:30 — Juno


One of those movies I will always remember seeing for the first time, Juno’s snapping wit coupled with its warm gooey center (Families of all kinds! Kicking gross men to the curb! Love!) makes it a total classic. Watch to brush up on some fun catch phrases to whip out at parties (“Honest to blog?”). Take special note of the Kimya Dawson-heavy soundtrack, itself a major touchstone for indie darlings like Frankie Cosmos and Pinegrove.

Sat August 26th and Sun August 27th @ 11 — There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood

A dark look at the corrupting power of greed at the center of the American dream, this film about oil rush and the small western town it consumes will haunt you. Not a fun movie, but a movie that must be seen. The push and pull between greed, capitalism, and religion is as relevant today as it was 10 years ago. Plus Daniel Day Lewis is iconic in this role (“I drink your Milkshake”).

Find the complete list, details and tickets for Nitehawk’s Back10: 2007 series here. 

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