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Bleeding out with Bambara: Outtakes from Issue 6.5

Photo by Daggers For Eyes, find her on Instagram here

Here are outtakes from the forthcoming Issue 6.5—a preview of what’s coming in the special SXSW edition.

A Bambara show is like vicariously experiencing someone else’s exorcism. It’s thrashing, abrasive, and seems to involve and inordinate amount of bodily fluids. I walked away from their last show at Union Pool feeling like my brain had been rewired which is the point of performance, isn’t it?

In April the band will release their third full length record (and first on Wharf Cat), Shadow On Everything. The noise and grime is still there but they’ve cut through and found sonic clarity in the form of added instruments, arrangements, and clearer vocals.

As one of my favorite bands I’m really excited to have them playing our Cult Citizen SXSW showcase as well as Quit Your Day Job II.

By Julie-Anna George

By Julie-Anna George

“I was reading an interview with Jesus Lizard recently. They were talking about David Yow and how he’s a complete crazy ass on stage. He’s in his 50s now or something. They just got back together to play eight shows and he was like, “We should just be on stage and he chill,” because he’s always in the crowd naked and shit. He made a point of it to be chill this tour. And the second he got on stage, the guitarist said he just saw his boots flying into the audience. He just couldn’t help it.” Blaze Bateh

“With Shadow On Everything there’s more depth. The vocal’s are a lot higher, so you can understand what Reid’s saying. We also just approached each song without the fear of how we’re going to reproduce it live—we’ve gotten more comfortable with changing the way we perform live. We’ve incorporated more members since writing a lot of these songs for that reason. So we just didn’t let that hold us back in whatever we wanted to do for this record.” William B. Carpenter

Issue 6.5 is coming! Pick one up at SXSW or keep an eye out as it makes its way to the cyber world.

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