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Bleeding out with BOYTOY: Outtakes from Issue 6.5

Photo by Daggers For Eyes, find her on Instagram here

Here are outtakes from the forthcoming Issue 6.5—a preview of what’s coming in the special SXSW edition.

Hailing from Brooklyn, BOYTOY infuse a generous helping of an East Coast middle finger to their influences from old school California vibes, bring an edge to surfer garage rock. Their latest single “Mary Anne,” is a little more laid back then their previous releases and evokes a 1960’s West Coast take on Riot Grrrl. With an infectious guitar line, you’ll be humming it in your head from the moment the song ends.

On 2015’s, Grackle, the bleached out aesthetic and airy vocals, coupled with dirty guitars and crisp drumming, is covered in the grit and grime of a dive bar, but sounds like bed-head rock perfection. BOYTOY are performing at SXSW in the Cult Citizen SXSW showcase.


By Citizen Kane Wayne / @citizenkanewayne

“When I was in 5th grade, I took my Barbie heads and I pulled them off and I drew bullet holes in them and blood coming out of their eyes and mouth and stuff. And I put them on a keychain hook and I hung them from my backpack. And I went to school and my friends were like, ‘What is wrong with you?!’ And I was like, ‘Yo, this is cool. You guys still don’t even know what’s up.'” Saara Untracht-Oakner

“We just played that Growlers Fest and Bad Brains played. H.R., he’s got some issues, so what happens is he’ll perform until he can’t anymore and then they’ll have the singer from Lamb of God come out. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. He just stood there—he maybe moved six inches. He sings and he’s just shuffling his feet and I was completely captivated, like feeling shit. And barely moving. But I guess it was so earnest. And then, I guess, when he couldn’t do it anymore, the guy from Lamb of God comes out and he’s fucking jumping and screaming and pulling his fucking dreads out and punching people. And it wasn’t anywhere near as transportive as when he was just sitting still.” Chase Noelle

Issue 6.5 is coming! Pick one up at SXSW or keep an eye out as it makes its way to the cyber world.

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