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This looks like an AWESOME deal – I just wonder why? ¬†Only one picture of this L-48 seller says is¬†circa ’58-’62. ¬†No real information as the the state of the neck, bridge, frets etc. ¬† Could be a real steal or could be a chunk of repair change! ¬†Ask this seller some questions and request more pictures! ¬†Cool blanket I do have to say!

This model is the introductory arch top Gibson offered at the time, with no pickup or cut away this now allows us to purchase a vintage Gibson at the cost of current Mexican Telecaster.  Throw a pickup in this bad boy and you have yourself a gig ready vintage Gibson Jazz box!

Certainly going for double over at!

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 5.36.19 PM

Location: Brooklyn


You don’t see many amps from the Alamo company at all in NYC. Made in San Antonio Texas, this little amp is all tube and ready to roll. ¬†Recently serviced; see the bill! ¬†You can have this Fender Champ style amp – Class A – 5 watt amp for a fraction of the price!


In great cosmetic condition as well – I love the sparkle grill! ¬†Comes with the original 10″ speaker!

Check out the guts and higher price tag over at

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 5.47.23 PM

Location: Oyster Bay, Long Island

1975 FENDER CHAMP – $300

Fender’s classic little man has been commanding greater and greater prices as the Millennium drags on. ¬†I have older friends who remember buying and selling them for $50 a pop in the early 90’s. ¬†Today the¬†hand-wired, point-to-point construction and¬†classic tone are only equalled in high end boutique builders or custom jobs. ¬†So grab the good stuff while you can – they are not getting cheaper then this!


There is an issue with buzzing at higher volumes. ¬†Go get it tightened up and I’d suggested mod’ing the 2nd input and making it a Line-Out. ¬†This would allow the amp to go to a PA directly and rip guitar, harmonica, keys etc.¬†over any band.

Check out Jef’s blog for more information on how to do the mod!

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 5.58.25 PM

1979 WURLITZER 200A – $1,200

Another classic at a great price!  Going for over 2k at times, the 200A model is the most universally known electric piano in the Wurlitzer family.  This one looks to be in great shape despite a few keys needing tuning.  Tuning on these guys IS NOT like a regular piano Рyou must use soder molds to change the pitch Рbut if it is only slightly out of tune you can simply turn a screw (hope for that).


Sustain pedal and original legs are included along with, strangely enough, an entire set of keys from another Wurlitzer!  Very cool, not sure if it will be an immediate need but these are worth some dough and could come in handy!

Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn

Check out Vintage Vibe repair videos!

Tips: Find something on Brian’s List but the link has since expired?  This doesn’t mean the item has been sold.  It just means the seller did not repost the item in time.  If it is an item you are really excited about; search craigslist for it using bold terms (model name etc).  It could have been reposted under a different link or a new post altogether (updated pics, info etc.)  If it is not sold it will pop up again in the next few days.  Don’t sweat it.

In the case of something you are seriously considering, it’s good to make initial contact with the seller even if you can’t immediately purchase the item or make it out to where ever it is located right away.  This could help you too build a relationship with the seller and he/she may hold it for you over someone else until you are ready.  But as we all know- CASH IS KING.

Find Brian online @chillemi_nyc

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