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With Valentines Day upon us what better way to love your partner they buy them SOME RAD MUSICAL GEAR! Expand their minds and expand your love life with the sweet sounds of these babies!


Looking for that twang in your life?? Here is a beautiful looking copy of a Fender Telecaster – no maker was mentioned so email seller for more info. This one is a looker coming in double bounded and loaded with a Bill Lawrence pickup in the bridge. For this price THIS IS A MUST!


Controls are reversed so you can flip forward for that HOT bridge bite! Seller says he’s in a tough spot and needs this one to go. Help him out and in turn help yourself to this machine.

Location: Staten Island

Don’t let me down and be like George!


WOW this is a really rare bird and the condition is something to be marvel at! Gretsch had amps made by Valco in the early 1960’s – Supro actually just re-released their line of amps last year for basically the same price as this guy. This is the real deal, 6160 Chet Atkins coming in with (2) original Jensen 12″ Alnico P12P Blue Bells. If you folks remember my article on “Dating Your Jensen’s” you can tell from the picture these babies were made the 32rd week of 1963 or August 1963 to be exact.


This guy has a really special phase-shifting vibrato similar to Magnatone’s infamous pitch- warble. It is seriously TO BE EXPERIENCED – it is a very unique and wonderful sound. Seller will let this one go for $780 without the speakers – you decide.

Location: Queens

Here is a link to a buyers guide to Valvo amps for your reading pleasure

1995 Ibanez Talman TC830 – $550

Here is a rare flame top Ibanez build in Japan in 1995 – only model to come with a maple neck. This funky guy has three Kent lip stick style pickups and some Stratocaster tone’s going on. I feel some surf vibes from this guy too – how ’bout you???


Pretty damn near perfect condition I do say! No case to speak of but ask the seller!

Location: Bayside, Queens

Get Your FACTS:

1966 FENDER CHAMP – $600

This little guy is a classic! The blackface models (1964-1967) go for up to $900 these days at music stores! Crazy I know. The silverface models (1968-1981) have the same circuitry with only a few values changed for a cleaner head room. They can easily be modded. However, Blackface models seem to always be in BETTER shape despite their age… silver face models of all types are usually beat to hell! This one is no exception – in perfect condition!


This baby is fully serviced and has a nice 10′ long grounded power cable to boot. AND really cool is new weber speaker in it for maximum volume but the seller also is including a newer Jensen C8R speaker that wont get as loud but will breakup at lower volume. SWEET.

Location: Carroll Gardens, BK

Oh and they are awesome for harmonica too!

Tips: Find something on Brian’s List but the link has since expired?  This doesn’t mean the item has been sold.  It just means the seller did not repost the item in time.  If it is an item you are really excited about; search craigslist for it using bold terms (model name etc).  It could have been reposted under a different link or a new post altogether (updated pics, info etc.)  If it is not sold it will pop up again in the next few days.  Don’t sweat it.

In the case of something you are seriously considering, it’s good to make initial contact with the seller even if you can’t immediately purchase the item or make it out to where ever it is located right away.  This could help you too build a relationship with the seller and he/she may hold it for you over someone else until you are ready.  But as we all know- CASH IS KING.

Find Brian online @chillemi_nyc

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