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Here is a REAL PRIME MOVER! This is the real deal if you’re looking for that 60’s garage sound. Or any other music that needs a serious tone monster in the organ department. The deluxe comes with all the features including a built-in stand and all the mojo you need to take your band to the next level. Just look at this baby!


Seller has full serviced this guy and it is READY TO ROLL! Made in Chicago in the mid-sixties – channel your inner grooves!

Location: Bushwick, BK

Here is a fun site that breaks down all the types of Farfisa models!

1962 AMPEG M-15 – $795 OBO

If you don’t know about these early Ampegs you are missing out! These mid-range monsters have some serious Fender tweed like qualities for a fraction of the price. Made in Woodside, Queens this amp and many others were transitional models made only for a year or two. What they transitioned too (Gemini, Rocket etc.) turned out to not be as warm sounding or sensitive.


In great cosmetic shape despite the missing handle – nice leather replacements are readily available with the two metal clips to hold it down. This is fully functional and even has the super rare foot-switch for the tremolo! Holding the original 15″ ceramic Jensen she was born with – this one was loved and care for. Now go record some golden tones with 25 watts of power!

Location: Lindenhurst, Long Island

“But granular gain isn’t all that makes the M15 so cool. Cranked, it’s gutsy rock ’n’ roll. But run it clean, and it’s a dream. The tremolo is wonderfully lush and harmonically rich. With pedals out front, it really thumps and blooms with sustain. And perhaps best of all, although the M15’s power output may not seem that high, a good specimen should be able to hang in most medium to loud volume situations.” 

– Premier Guitar

1960’s Alamo Challenger – $325 OBO

Here is yet another “Champ Killer” from what looks to be the same seller as the M-15 above – guys got good taste and needs to unload! Nice little amp out of San Antonio, TX built by the Alamo company. This has the same tube set-up as a Champ – 12AX7 preamp, 5Y3 rectifier, and 6V6 power but with a 10″ speaker instead of 8″ to allow more bass response. This puppy has been fully serviced and can’t be beat at this price.


Great for small gigs, home jams and especially recording! Weighing in at only 20 pounds this little guy is also great for harmonica too! Make the seller an offer he can’t refuse and get on the tone train.

Location: Lindenhurst, Long Island

Tips: Find something on Brian’s List but the link has since expired?  This doesn’t mean the item has been sold.  It just means the seller did not repost the item in time.  If it is an item you are really excited about; search craigslist for it using bold terms (model name etc).  It could have been reposted under a different link or a new post altogether (updated pics, info etc.)  If it is not sold it will pop up again in the next few days.  Don’t sweat it.

In the case of something you are seriously considering, it’s good to make initial contact with the seller even if you can’t immediately purchase the item or make it out to where ever it is located right away.  This could help you too build a relationship with the seller and he/she may hold it for you over someone else until you are ready.  But as we all know- CASH IS KING.

Find Brian online @chillemi_nyc


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