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Hey Folks! Apologies I been keeping you good people hanging. Been having a pretty busy week or two on my side of the world but don’t fear THE DEALS ARE HERE.


Here is another classic case of a low-watt bass amp that actually kicks serious tones out for guitar! Some have described it as having a tone close to the old 18-watt Marshalls but with a 15″ speaker to boot! Made in Canada by Peter Trainer himself – these amps ARE BUILT TOUGH! Really well constructed and based on Fender circuits like the Bassman in this case.


This guy is in solid cosmetic shape and seller speaks of no issues. But do inquire about details since the ad is not very descriptive. Score yourself some serious vintage tube tones. I personally love the tall cabinet construction!

Location: North Bergen, NJ


Would ya look at this! Another tall boy for ya. Classic Fender blackface bandmaster, but with a custom twist. Originally configured as a head/closed-back speaker cabinet or “piggyback” situation- the chassis was put into a custom cabinet and now lives a new life as tall 2×12″ open-back combo. Featuring 2 Celestial Vintage 30’s – solid speakers my friends – and lush vintage Fender Tremelo.












Ok so the seller says this is a 1964 – making it a Pre-CBS amplifier. But it’s actually a 1965 or 1966 – no big deal for the player though it’s the same circuit. That said, this is how you can tell the difference. When Leo Fender owned Fender the amps said “Fender Electric Instrument Co.” not “Fender Musical Instruments” like they do after he sold Fender in January 1965- see below:

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 8.33.27 PM









Great tone for under a grand. Can’t go wrong.

Location: Ridgewood, Queens

Check out the fine folks over at for all the info you need for your vintage Fender needs – here’s what they say: “The blackface Bandmaster is therefore ideal for those who look for a pure Fender clean sound without making ones ears bleed.”

1967 FENDER SHOWMAN – $1,000

The Showman and the Bandmaster – what is the difference?? Well to start The Showman is stacked with 2×15″ speakers instead of 2×12″ and this bad boy is loaded with the original JBL’s! Ok so for $50 more (well technically this seller and the one above are down to negotiate) this is all original but take into consideration the capacitors will need to replaced along with that pesky 2-prong power cable.


Yes this picture sucks. And the other two do as well. But I’ve found some of my best gear because of this very issue! This keeps other prospective buyers away – even no pictures can lend some solid equipment. Most people won’t take the extra step and email the seller for MORE PICTURES. If they want to sell – they will send them. And probably not even update their post depending on how savvy they are. This is all benefits you as the serious buyer.

Location: Bay Ridge, BK

Dick Dale dug the Fender Showman for it’s huge sound and big, clean tones. Dig it.


Have an amp sitting around with a cabinet that is on it’s last leg? Or have/found a chassis that needs a home? This is your answer. Put that baby into a solid blonde box – this one comes WITH a 15″ speaker as well! Gotta see about those ohms though before you make your match but custom cabs go for a bit more then this plus shipping so take advantage.


Fender Pro clone like Buddy Holly used anyone??

Location: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Tips: Find something on Brian’s List but the link has since expired? This doesn’t mean the item has been sold. It just means the seller did not repost the item in time. If it is an item you are really excited about; search craigslist for it using bold terms (model name etc). It could have been reposted under a different link or a new post altogether (updated pics, info etc.) If it is not sold it will pop up again in the next few days. Don’t sweat it.

In the case of something you are seriously considering, it’s good to make initial contact with the seller even if you can’t immediately purchase the item or make it out to where ever it is located right away. This could help you too build a relationship with the seller and he/she may hold it for you over someone else until you are ready. But as we all know- CASH IS KING.

Find Brian online @chillemi_nyc

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