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Listen: CHILLEMI “Neon Bride”

Do you ever catch yourself wishing Twin Peaks would start yet another season? I don’t, truly never got the hype—the melodramatic plot became too complicated and all the characters started to look the same to me. But I kept watching, or more accurately kept listening. I was mesmerized by the magnificent score, it’ll forever linger in my mind. As new music comes out I catch myself thinking certain tracks would have been a great additions to the score which is what happened after listening to CHILLEMI’s latest track “Neon Bride.”

CHILLEMI croons a cautionary narrative to a naive bride, “remember what love is like when its so fresh and new,” the tale turns sensuous “you met in a whirlwind of flesh and wine” the mysterious melody develops alongside the humming of a church organ and ensorcelling acoustic guitar. The track is a mystic melange of folk, psychedelia, and new wave perfect for any neo-noir score.

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