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CMJ: Shannon and the Clams @ Music Hall of Williamsburg + ROMP @ Palisades

Shannon and The Clams 10/16/2015 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

If Spongebob Squarepants had a house band, Shannon and the Clams would be it. The retro-rock Oakland based power band couldn’t help but make everyone dance with their surf, indie rock and du-wop inspired tunes. Their electric set even included a few furry friends on stage which was puzzling at first but after a few songs in, made complete sense.

Watch the cooky video for “Rip Van Winkle” below.



ROMP 10/18/2015 @ Palisades

Does loving every band from my hometown of Central NJ make me biased? Maybe. But the Rutgers University based punk band ROMP is really fucking good. The grunge-rock band led by Madison Klarer played a short set at the Palisades closing out CMJ this past Sunday. ROMP’s lyrics perfectly encapsulate the mundanity of suburb life with an edge.

Review by Danielle.

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