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CMJ Crush: Caveman @ Rockwood Music Hall

993064_623978554294102_1325608817_nReview: Caveman @ Rockwood Music Hall (10/15)

At the number one spot on The Deli’s Best NYC Emerging Artists of 2012, there’s little doubt that Caveman’s CMJ performance will further cement their rise to prominence. You know how certain people just look like proficient artists? They talk, but they walk the walk. A meticulously tight sound and skilled layering made them interesting to watch on a technical level, but there’s no absence of feeling in their performance either. By the way, I’m intrigued by all the multi-drummer setups I’ve been seeing at CMJ (Lucius had a bit of that going on as well). A groovy primitive beat turned highly advanced syncopation – this is not your average Union Square drum circle, people.

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