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CMJ: DMA’s, Little Racer @ Pianos / PAWS @ Knitting Factory

All things must end, like the rain and cold that CMJ’s Marathon started with, and so day five meant the end of what was a very cool week of music. I have a lot of new favorite bands, which means a ton of new music to listen to, and I definitely need it because I’ve been wearing out my iTunes library. For the last day, I planned on checking out a few bands I had missed all week, starting with DMA’s, followed by Little Racer, and ending with King Gizzard The Lizard Wizard.


First up I headed over to Pianos to catch the four o’clock DMA’s (dee-em-ayes) show. I tried to see them the night before at their midnight Mercury Lounge show but when I got there at midnight, it was packed out the door and I really didn’t feel like haggling with the door person or fighting to get to the front to take pics. DMA’s are a dope garage pop band that you should definitely check out. The show was fun, the venue was packed, and DMA’s killed, despite seeming a little tired and maybe hungover while setting up, though that will happen at an early afternoon show on the last day of a five day music marathon. I walked out with my ears feeling like they were bleeding, which is why you should wear ear plugs when you are standing against the stage for like twenty shows over five days.


After that I met a friend to lend him my old cell phone, since he lost his after getting demolished by a car while riding his bike. Fucking hit and runs — got to be careful in Brooklyn on your bike. Then I headed back to Pianos for one of my favorites: Brooklyn’s own Little Racer. I saw them earlier this year when they played one of our parties. They killed then and they killed again. Little Racer is a rad surf/pop/motown band that should not be missed.

Finally, it was time to finally see King Gizard The Lizard Wizard over at Rough trade. So I literally ran to the L train, and power walked from Bedford to get there. Of course, upon arrival I was told they weren’t letting anymore CMJ passes through and goodbye. I tried batting my eyes but it didn’t work on the giant bouncer watching the door. Not to be defeated and having no other plan, I checked the CMJ schedule and saw that Flashlights were playing at Spike Hill, just a few blocks away. So I ran over, and after hanging out for about thirty minutes, I realized that the band setting up were definitely not Flashlights. After asking a few people, I was told the schedule got screwed up and they are actually playing theKnitting Factory. Yeah, that sucked. Anyway, I hauled ass to Knitting Factory because I was going to see a band I was stoked about no matter what.


I arrived at the Knitting Factory and saw PAWS, a band from Scotland (one I’ve accidentally seen twice, though both times were insane), setting up. Okay, these dudes were amazing, again. They were my absolute favorite of CMJ’s Marathon, so I kinda lucked out. It wasn’t my original plan, but shit happens. The reason I even knew who Flashlights were was because of the show at Cake Shop, a few days ago, where I saw Terry from Flashlights do a song with PAWS, which may have been the best performance I’ve ever seen. They did another song together during this set and it was brilliant. Those dudes seriously need to play together more. After Paws set, I stuck around hoping I hadn’t missed Flashlights, but I had. I saw Terry from outside and he confirmed they had already played and apologized to me. To which I replied, “You’re crazy, don’t apologize. The song you did with PAWS at Cake Shop was out of this world!” He thanked me and I bounced before I seemed like too much of a fanboy. At which point I went home, ending an absolutely amazing week of music.

Photos and review by Timothy White. Find him online @TiptotheHip.


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