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Cult Citizen: Interview with Froth

Interview by Brittany. You can find her online @brittanyamarino.

If you’re not already familiar with Cult Citizen, you’ve got some catching up to do. Cult Citizen is a monthly music showcase at Baby’s All Right, with bands handpicked by Cult Records, and yours truly, Alt Citizen. Our October showcase featured indie bands The Drums and Froth. Froth is a psychedelic garage rock group from LA who insist that they don’t play surf rock. The band is currently touring the U.S. in support of their latest album Bleak, which came out earlier this year. I got a chance to speak with them briefly before their show.

Brittany: So, you guys are currently on tour, and you’ve played some shows with The Drums, how has that been?

Joo-Joo: It’s been good.
Jeremy: Yea it’s been good.
Joo-Joo: We did a few shows with them on the west coast like last month.
Jeremy: In August.
Joo-Joo. Oh wow. Yea, so we’ve gotten pretty used to it.

Brittany: Any fun stories from touring?

Joo-Joo: [points to Jeremy] He has savant memory.
Jeremy: Nothing on this tour that’s been too crazy. Anything from last tour?
Joo-Joo: We are like the last band to find exciting tour stories.
Jeremy: We are pretty boring. I ran over a rabbit in Vegas.

Brittany: Oh wow, that’s pretty crazy. Other than music, are there any other things that influence your sound? Other art forms that you draw inspiration from?

Joo-Joo: Definitely literature or photography. Basing it off the aesthetic of the band.

Brittany: Who are some photographers that you like?

Joo-Joo: There is this guy I really like named Willie Eggleston.
Cameron: Jeff Fribourg.
Jeremy: That’s our friend. He does all our album art.
Joo-Joo: Lewis Baltz is another I really like. Robert Johnson. And at some point we all worked, all assisted this photographer RJ Shaugnessy.
Jeremy: Yea we all worked for him, for a while. He kept us alive for a little bit. I used to paint his house and do landscaping for him.
Joo-Joo: [points to Nick] We were the bottom of the chain for him.
Jeremy: Yea they did his grocery shopping.
Nick: Cleaned his house.
Joo-Joo: He thought it was way funnier to watch twenty-something year olds do his gardening.
Nick: He made me leaf-blowing his roof.
Joo-Joo: And clean up spiderwebs off the side of his house.
Jeremy: What it really comes down to, he is a supporter of ours, so he was like ‘I’ve been there, I’ll help you guys out.’

Brittany: That’s awesome. Who are some bands you believe don’t get as much recognition as they should?

Joo-Joo: Wow. So many. A lot of LA bands we know. Traps PS.
Jeremy: Holy Wave from Austin, Texas. They’re like my favorite band. We have a lot of friends in LA that are in really good bands.
Joo-Joo: Marble Arch from Paris. Terminal A.

Brittany: You guys have said before that most of you hadn’t played much music before starting the band. So what advice do you have for people who want to start a band but aren’t musically inclined?

Jeremy: I think joining a band when you don’t know how to play is a good way to learn how to play music pretty fast, because you have to play in front of other people. You kind of have to.
Joo-Joo: Don’t worry about sucking in the beginning.

Brittany: That question was secretly for me.
[all laugh]

Brittany: If you weren’t in a band, what would you be doing instead?

Joo-Joo: Working at a restaurant or a coffee shop. Probably still getting paid minimum wage.
Jeremy: I got into it cause I wanted to film them, making videos and stuff. So I’d probably be doing that.

Brittany: What can we expect from you guys in the future?

Joo-Joo: Um. I don’t know. [laughs] We are so fucking bad at this.
Jeremy: Hopefully better records.
Joo-Joo: Maybe three colors on the next album cover.
[all laugh]

Brittany: Lastly, and most importantly, what’s your favorite drink?

Joo-Joo: Bullet Rye.
Jeremy: Alcoholic drink?

Brittany: You can interpret it however you want.

Cameron: I’m really into Mojitos.
Nick: Coffee. All the time.
Jeremy: Water.
[all laugh]

Click here to purchase their latest album Bleak. You can also find Froth on Facebook & Twitter! 

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