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Cult Citizen Recap: Palm Springsteen, The Wedge, The Pizza Boys @ Baby’s (2/2)

A crowd of fresh faces and repeat offenders to the locally-coveted spot “Baby’s All Right” rounded up on a chill Thursday night to have a peek at Cult-Citizen’s first show of 2017. The crowd of college kids and locals was chatty and welcoming.

The Pizza Boys started the evening off with their high energy punk aesthetic. Front woman, Reiley Behrns-Miller worked the stage with her mane of brown curls and a cheetah print unitard. The Pizza Boys played a short set featuring plenty of headbanging. As the first trickles of audience members filled out the space they shyly approached the fiery performance. Some swaying heads and moshing friends speckled the crowd.

The Wedge highlighted the evening with the unexpected trajectory of their performance. Their dynamic set was never without presence. From their guitarist shredding on the pit floor during the first track to the heavy blues accompanied by sax and harmonica The Wedge had the audience stunned. They left us with a communal dance-floor-drum where the crowd could bang away. They have this great way of building a genuine relationship with the audience through interaction.

Palm Springsteen of the genre they describe as, “blow pop in space”, headlined the evening with a spectacularly dance-y performance. The bi-coastal group dressed in their signature turtlenecks and showered us with intergalactic love songs. They have this Depeche Mode quality that makes them pleasing to the ear. But the creativity and thought put into the orchestration and lyrics shines through the fun synths. By the time they started, the floor had filled up with bouncing viewers and the occasional dancing nutters. They gave us a sweaty performance that seemed just a bit too short.
As the band packed up the early concert goers slowly went home, smokers hung around looking for the next move, and Baby’s began prepping for the late show.

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