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Dama Scout releases new video for “Milky Milk”

Dama Scout, the Glasgow/London-based trio has just released their video for “Milky Milk.” It’s been months since they put out their self titled debut EP, and this dreamy, vaguely surreal video is a great way for them to come out of the dark with new consumable content. Inspired by the 80’s fixation with haunted technology and body horror, the video is saturated with cool blues and greens. The images of living spaces are familiar but decidedly off, mirroring the unexpected turns the song itself takes. Irregular tempos and surprising rhythms keep you wondering while Eva Liu’s pure voice sits politely on top of distorted guitars and spooky synths.

As milk is manically consumed outside of its normal context – in a bathtub from a wine bottle, out of the jug while sitting on the floor next to a feline while an animated milk carton watches from the counter – bodies become distorted and bulky TVs show nonsensical images. Milk, normally meant to nourish the body, becomes a vice, and ultimately the tears that run down the band’s face.

“You stole the sun, love” introduces the song and builds it up towards the end. The sun, another source of life, has been taken away as well. The word “Maybe” flashes on the screen while the music fades away at the close of the video, topping the whole piece off with an added feeling of uncertainty. It’s all kind of messed up once you analyze it, but that seems to be the intention. It works perfectly for this thoughtful song from a very talented trio.

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