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Death Trax: Den-Mate

Death Trax is a mixtape series where people (somewhat obviously) curate music for their own funerals. This week Den-Mate shares their playlist and insight into how each song was picked.

“Skeletons” Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It would not be a Den-Mate funeral if YYYs weren’t playing throughout.

“Wild Horses” Rolling Stones

This song is a classic and makes me think of family.

“In My Life” The Beatles

Are ya’ll crying yet?

“All is Full Of Love” Björk

If I could send on one message when I’m dead it would be the lyrics to one of Björk best songs.

“Super Freak” Rick James

Im tired of this sad Playlist—I want people to have fun at my funeral too! Don’t wear black. Get those Tommy Bahama floral shirts out& live a little, I’m already fucking dead, at least YOU can try to live a little. If you know me well, Im a super freak and I hope y’all have a freaky dance party just for me.

“Funky Town” Lipps Inc.

Spread my ashes in Funky Town.

“Gold Dust Woman” Fleetwood Mac

It’d be a shitty Funeral if Fleetwood Mac didn’t have an appearance in this playlist.

“Shooting Star” Elliott Smith

Your love is sad, shooting star. Elliott Smith taught me a lot about death but this song is so full of life.

“Ceremony” New order

No other song makes me feel more alive than this song.

“Believe” Cher

Another dance hit. If you think you’re too cool to dance to Cher, then you’re not allowed at my FUNERAL! This song slaps and you know it.

“Rebel Rebel”  David Bowie

Play a little rock n roll!! David Bowie taught me how to be courageous and I’m gonna go out in style, just like Bowie.

“Our Time” Yeah Yeah Yeahs

We started with YYYs, we will end with YYYs. I may be dead honey, but I was left with my eyes. Thank you for listening and reading along!


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