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Play this at my funeral: Josh Salter, Nap Eyes

Artwork by Kiana Green.

Play This At My Funeral is a new mixtape series where people (somewhat obviously) curate music for their own funerals. We launched the series last week with a playlist from Matthew Orr.

This week Josh Salter, bassist for Nap Eyes, shares his death trax.

This starts off with “Please Don’t Bury Me” which is more of a note to my funeral organizers. Compost me I suppose. “Our Prayer” continues things with some reverence. “The Creator Has a Master Plan” is an endurance test for contemplation and would definitely feel pretty good to cry to I imagine—get people freaking out a little. With “Astral Weeks” Van the Man helps spin the Karmic wheel and allows us “to be born again,” hopefully as like a sea turtle or something. I’ve always thought Nina Simone’s “I Shall Be Released” is a good song to be dead to. Putting The Beatles “I’m Only Sleeping” on here is a bit of a sick joke and really how often can you get away with putting a Beatles song in a mix? During my funeral though I get carte blanche and this is my favorite song they ever did. I hope to hear the groan from wherever I end up. “Claire de Lune” is my favorite song ever, more or less, so may as well throw it in. By the time I die I assume I will just be uploaded to the cloud anyway so this seems fitting. It seems strange to include Janet Jackson’s “Together Again” since it’s a song from the perspective of my mourners but—hey it’s gonna hit like a ton of bricks and I’m the world’s greatest dead DJ. Lastly, Curtis Mayfield’s “Move On Up” is a perfect song and I think it would feel good to walk away from a funeral to this one.

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