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Dinowalrus (Record Release) w/ Sharkmuffin, Dead Leaf Echo, Drawing Boards @ Rough Trade (9/25)

This show was not set-up for the mosher at heart–it seemed like it was meant more for someone who was dying for an upgrade to their current playlist situation. Each band that played was significantly different than the other, providing a very unique experience and attracted someone from every crowd. To break it down for you, Drawing Boards is more of an alternative pop rock band, Dead Leaf Echo brings you back to the post wave days, Dinowalrus is a combo of the two with a little bit of classic rock sprinkled in, and Sharkmuffin is an all-around fun time with riot girl vibes.

The first band up was Drawing Boards–who gave off a fun vibe, with the crowd having kids and their parents bouncing around in the front and everyone dancing together like they’ve known each other for years. The lead singer switched back and forth between only doing vocals or multi-tasking with a guitar, pumping on the fun rock’n’roll that makes you want to sing along. He Bounced around on stage while the other members encouraged the audience to jump along with him. It was a fun performance and everyone in the band seemed to really connect well up there.

Dead Leaf Echo came on, and the lights went dim. The really brought their A-game for any post wave lovers out there. With dreamy vocals, and synth backings, the band was able to set slow the crowd down, while also gearing them up to keep them going for the rest of the night.

Dinowalrus played next, and it was their record release show for the album “Fairweather,” so the crowd seemed extra pumped. They added some trippy visuals swirling around in the background, which made it hard for anyone to look away. Smooth sounds started to flow out the amps, guitar solos that set tone for a colorful music experience, and sultry vocals that struck the heartstrings.

When Sharkmuffin came on it seemed like the crowd had thinned out a bit, but that didn’t crush the vibe! The group is always a guaranteed fun time, and this night was no different. They poured their hearts into it and raged on stage. The crowd that was there seemed like the happiest of fans, because they made sure to dance it up, throw glowsticks to any willing catcher, and howl along to the tunes. Sharkmuffin gives off a classic punk/garage rock vibe, while also making sure to add those classic guitar rock solos that induce any listener into a chaotic state of rock’n’roll bliss.

Everyone trickled out of that show exhausted, but content, with many fans stoping to chat with the bands at the merch table and check out Dinowalrus’ new record. It was the cherry topper show to everyone’s weekend.

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