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Early listen: Jangula “Ataraxia”

In a parade of unconventionally orchestrated disorder, Jangula release Ataraxia. The title, meaning a state of mind free from emotional disturbance really hits the nail on the head. Though rather than reaching a place of tranquility, they seem to have embraced a mad ringleader’s stream of consciousness. Producing a series of devil-may-care classical indie rock anthems interrupted by calm and sometimes dissonant interludes.

Bookended by the avant-garde instrumental title tracks, Ataraxia begins with their lead off single “Micky Mirrors,” released in December alongside a ludicrous music video of a coke deal gone wrong. Other standout tracks after my first few listens are “My Jubilee Gang,” “The Savage Pilgrimage” and “Experimental Alchemy” all of which showcase their spontaneous for the hell of it vibe.

The enigmatic quality of Ataraxia left me uncertain whether the songs were tongue-and-cheek, an inside joke, or to be taken 100% seriously to be thoroughly analyzed for some deeper hidden meaning. There’s no doubt that with Ataraxia Jangula has established they know what they’re doing, and whether we figure it out or not really doesn’t seem to be any of their concern.

Ataraxia is released through Jubilee Gang on January 11th, 2019. Their release party is January 12th at The Glove.

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