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EP Premiere: Brian Merrill ‘Bliss Bunnies’

It’s not with every music release that you truly get a peak inside the head of a musician.

Brian Merrill has fully exposed himself in the new EP Bliss Bunnies. Four soft tracks of emotionally soaked songs about love & loss and the highs & lows of life. He isn’t messing around here—he puts it all on the line. Merrill has written the lyrics to emotions we all have, but haven’t figured out how to put into words. Passion and sorrow hit you with each strum of the guitar and hopefulness and nostalgia fill your body while the vocals lull you to satisfaction.

Listen to the new EP Bliss Bunnies by Brian Merrill below and catch the release show at Our Wicked Lady this Saturday, February 17 (21+, tickets & details here).

Find Brian Merrill online @brianmerrillmusic

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