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EP Premiere: QWAM ‘Feed Me’

QWAM make straightforward pop-punk of the non-emo variety, the kind that reminds me of the rush you feel when you do poppers on the dance floor. This kind of snotty high-octane music is a tried and true classic, and QWAM serve it up with plenty of enthusiasm on their new EP Feed Me. They combine hardcore tempos with the kind of group-sing-a-longs that would make bands like PUP happy. Aside from the tender “Crazier Than Me” the band keeps things at full throttle, burning through the songs so fast you’ll wonder what hit you. There’s a sense of humor at play to balance the intensity like when the band lists snack food items with their voices dripping in faux-seduction (“dinosaur chicken nuggets”).  The whole thing is out tomorrow, but you can steam it here below.

QWAM is playing the Knitting Factory the 24th with Dead Stars & Jigsaw Youth, and if the band’s live show is even half as fun as Feed Me it should be a good time. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 the day of the show. You can find the event info here.

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