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EP Premiere: Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads/Dead Brian ‘Ruth & Brian’s Unholy Matrimony’

Remember those summer nights where you end up making out with your crush while you’re on some wild wine infused adventure? Your merlot stained mouths eagerly greeting each other in the dark. Then, all of a sudden, in the midst of you two clumsily pawing at each other you start getting a case of the wine spins. That feeling right there: The heavy humid air, the nervous butterflies, and the feeling of falling down the dark hole of wine drunkenness—that’s exactly what this split EP is like.

Two of the heaviest psych rock garage bands of Australia, Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads and Dead Brian, have gotten together in unholy matrimony to bring you this feeling of clumsy drunk love in their newest split EP Ruth and Brian’s Unholy Matrimony. Filled with songs about the monotony of life and the struggle to be unique—it’s hard not to go down the dizzying rabbit’s hole with these guys. Exclusively streaming today on Alt Citizen, the EP is drenched in hazy layers of guitar with haunting vocals soaked in regret and acceptance.
Listen below and give into the spins.

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