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EP Review: Ritual Humor ‘In The Forests of the Night’

True to the mask that is the EP’s cover art, Ritual Humor’s new release “In The Forests of the Night” has a primitive vibe. The EP is a tribal dance of sorts, beginning with “Noa Noa,” which serves as a totem for the remaining tracks. Solo drums set the atmosphere, then echoing vocals and ascending guitar chords join the indigenous dance. The pace picks up ever so slightly on the subsequent track, “Red Tiger.” Vocally more melodic and less dark, it’s apparent that the band means business as their knack for simultaneous sonic consistency and diversity are executed flawlessly.

The third track, “Italo Drac,” draws our attention back to the ‘forest’ as suggested by the EP’s title. Again, drums begin the track – this time leading us on some sort of hunt. Once the prey has been spotted in the brush, the guitar joins the pursuit. Chopped, echoing vocals build intensity as we continue to look around, stalking the prey. Finally, a celebration is in order. Guitar, vocals, and drums all convene giving Ritual Humor’s maximum energy to the final track. “Leopard Song” aptly draws its inspiration from the rest of the EP and offers one last chance to allow your body to follow its instinctual motion.




Catch Ritual Humor here:

6.24 @ The Gateway (Brooklyn, NY)

8.03 @ Aviv (Brooklyn, NY)

Review by Jackie. Follow her at @thefinestgreen.

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