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EP Stream: Vivienne Eastwood ‘Shook’


In the last few weeks the only thing that has become clear is our complete lack of clarity. Shit’s hit the fan so bad it’s hard to imagine that we ever thought it wouldn’t. If there’s ever been a style of music that’s captured the chaos, melancholy and apathy of the last couple of weeks, decades really, it’s shoegaze. It’s a little hostile and angry but mostly it’s disinterested which saves it from being teen angst pop punk bullshit.

Anyways, this is a roundabout way of getting to dreampop wunderkind, Vivienne Eastwood. Jordan’s vocals come in waves like we’re playing some trans-dimensional version of phonetag. Their message isn’t clear but that doesn’t matter, the feeling is. Through the six song soundscape on Vivienne Eastwood’s Shook EP they slide in and out of realities and dreamscapes so expertly that you have to wonder which world they call home. Regardless it’s a sonic escape we all deserve.

Stream Shook on below and see Vivienne Eastwood Friday November 18th at the Gateway with Birds and Pow Wow. 

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