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Faded films: aesthetics and ambience (part 2)

Film column by Tamim Alnuweiri.

You know I forget that people read the shit that I put on the internet but every once in a while I’m reminded through some seemingly pointless and asinine sign from the universe. A couple of months ago I shared the first installment of this series (which in all honestly was just me phoning in my film column) and shared it on Facebook. To my surprise (Alt Citizen reader’s don’t seem to be the active participator type) someone asked me why I hadn’t made the list longer…..

So I guess here is part two and yes I’m still phoning it in. As my therapist said to me literally last week—apparently I’m not allowing myself to be as vulnerable as I once was but when I don’t have semi public breakdowns on the internet we all win—am I right?

Ooookay so these are movies that are beautiful, some of them have good plots others you can watch on mute but they’re nice to look at it either way.



This movie has it all! Undertones of incest, electra complexes, whatever you call being envious of your daughter and everything else. This is the director of Old Boy‘s first foray into English cinema and it is astounding.

What A Way To Go

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With movies of a certain age it’s hard to figure out if they’re actually good or just novel enough that they’re more interesting than the drivel you’d end up watching at the semen coated iMax theatre near you. That’s how I feel about this I mean, I think it’s somewhat charming and funny but I can’t really be sure and all of the pink in the movie makes me feel a little insane which might be a good thing.

Fruit of Paradise

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I’m not great with religious symbolism and shit like that (I didn’t understand that Mother was about Adam and Eve and god and shit until I left the theatre and read like 90 explanations of it) so I can’t be sure that this is actually about the original sin but I’m going to go out on a limb and say it is.


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Oh god listen trust me I know this movie is the motherload of all film related cliches. Anyone who’s taken an intro course to film will babble on about Daisies as if they’re only person to have ever seen an experimental European movie from the 60s. But fuck it! Sometimes cliches are useful and if you divorce yourself from the type of person who would babble on about this movie, it’s pretty enjoyable.

Wings of Desire

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There is monumental beauty and pain to this movie. The contrast of having otherworldly figures—angels always next to these looming and huge statues and figures is for some reason extremely emotionally punishing.

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