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Faded Films: All men are trash

Film column by Tamim Alnuweiri.

Honestly sometimes this column feels like a postcard I’m writing to an abyss in the Internet where I reveal my psychosis in case someone, anyone, decides to read them. So let’s seeeee what’s going on???? Honestly, not much other now I have a therapist and psychiatrist because 2017 is all about finding out that apparently everything is classified as trauma.

The overwhelming thought I have been having (and assume most women are going having too) is asking myself if all men are trash. It’s a real question for a real time when every other day is some onslaught of shitty men coming at us from the media. Yes it starts with Harvey Weinstein but isn’t that kind of a prevalent experience for women, I mean that’s the whole point of this isn’t it? That most women are subjected to this type of quiet and shameful stress and pain which forces its ways through until it becomes a silent trauma burdened on the entire gender. Anyways, I am not saying anything particularly new or useful on the subject it’s just that I’ve long suspected that most men are trash and usually have a pretty hard time dealing with straight men. So much so that it’s a point of conversation with both my aforementioned therapist and psychiatrist hahahahaha.

Honestly they do nothing but give me anxiety and make me think about death. I don’t know whats the point here? It’s not even misanthropy it’s just straight dudes are always assuming shit and being little shits too—one of the only people that was nice to me in high school keeps making it increasingly clear that he is actually a minsogynst. Last week he got in touch purely so he could tell me that he appreciated that even though I could be “hot” on Instagram, I’m not which is cool for him. This is the type of dude that throws around the word slut in every weird and icky way so maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that he’s decided that I fall into the virginal category of his weird women’s issues.

OKAY so yes this is the part of my column where I connect my lack of emotional stability with a handful of movie picks. So here they are!



This movie starts the way most of my nightmares do. A group of white men screaming—and at first you’re thinking maybe this is a friendly twunk orgy before you realize no! It’s a very white, hetero “no homo” type of male bonding ritual. Goat is based off some real shit that went down in a fraternity (hell, itself!) It’s not a masterpiece or anything but more a reminder of why we should be trying to dismantle these types of institutions.

A Street Car Named Desire


Marlon Brando does such an amazing job as Stanley Kowalski—you both vehemently hate him and want to fuck him and isn’t that the true face of horror. It’s also worth nothing that the movie actually wraps this up with a happier ending than Tennessee Williams’ original play. In the play Stella stays with Stanley whereas the movie wraps it up by conveniently having her realize he’s manipulative and horrible!

City of Women


When I first saw City of Women it was when I was freelancing and I used to take mid-day breaks and catch 3 hour flicks at the Film Forum during the early bird special. This was one of these moments and even though it was beautiful and had its moments of spectacularity I did honest to god fall asleep for probably 30 minutes. The movie does go on for entirely too long and despite being a movie from one of the preeminent directors of the modern era, it’s almost hard to care about.

Fellini uses this movie as some sort of rumination and meditation on his life and career. It’s a coming to terms with many things all at once, the focal point of which is his relationship with women especially with the (at the time) advent of radical feminism. This movie may not make sense unless you’ve seen both 8 1/2 and La Dolce Vita, but if you care a lot about cinema and/or Fellini this is an interesting personal essay on regret, aging and readjusting to the new world.

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