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Feb 17: La Luz & The Mystery Lights @ Elsewhere, Ticket Giveaway

What’s the common point between Californian Surf noir, car accidents, mustaches and psychedelic rock? Of course it’s the New York Night Train Soul Clap and Dance-Off, which has been called “the most popular soul dance party in the world” by SXSW.

Johnathan Toubin is once again hosting his best event with some dope guests. The menu is sweet and spicy: The Mystery Lights (who were one of our favorite live acts in 2017) as delicious appetizer with retro/psyche/garage rock and followed by the La Luz—the entree. Dark surf ’60s do whoop music—subtly feminine and psychedelic.

Last but not least, the famous cowboy Randy Jones is gonna fix your appetite with some disco pop. Nelleke and Jonathan Toubin will be DJing to finish off the special banquet.

And isn’t the only thing better than a feast a free feast? We’re giving away passes for the New York Night Train Soul Clap and Dance off —tweet, Instagram, Facebook or email us ( to enter! See you there.


18+ tickets and details here.

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