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Feb 18: Turn to Crime, Navy Gangs, Rips, Teen Body @ Sunnyvale, 8PM ($10)

Sunnyvale is hosting a gaggle of bands from across the US of A tomorrow, February 18th. The show is only 10 bucks so you can enjoy live music and get drunk on the cheap.

Turn to Crime are a Detroit band who claim to exist in their own pocket “outside of the Detroit music scene.” I feel like that’s true for anyone who actually makes it outside of the Detroit music scene for being good, cool, or otherwise original… i.e. The White Stripes, Danny Brown. If TTC compares to those to at all, you might as well buy your tickets already. (Ps: They don’t compare musically, but they’re still an excellent brand of oozy new wave.)

Before Turn to Crime, Navy Gangs deliver their punk-stained shoegaze and Rips give us some of that sweet protopunk everyone in New York dreams about. Austin Brown from Parquets Courts apparently cut his production chops on some of Rips music last year… but none of that stuff is up online currently. Still, their music fucking rocks so you should go. Teen Body open the show to peddle some of that sweet summery romance we need in the heart of this Russian winter. Dear god help us.

All ages, tickets and details here.


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