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Feb 2: Adult Mom, Harmony Woods and Goodie @ Baby’s All Right, 8pm ($12)

February is dark, cold, sad, and incontestably the worst month of the year—and it’s happening all over again starting this weekend! But one good thing about February is that it’s prime time for listening to Sad Music and really feeling your feelings and letting emotional intensity substitute for bodily warmth. Perfect weather, really, to see Adult Mom, perform their achingly wistful bedroom pop at Baby’s this Saturday.

Adult Mom’s music has always felt like the melodic embodiment of your past (more innocent) self speaking to you through the gauze of late afternoon sunlight, and they really mastered the intricacies of this exact feeling in their latest release, last May’s Soft Spots. While their older releases maintain a certain charm in their lo-fi delicacy, the record loses none of the band’s nuance in its fuller sound. This is music for wanting—whether that be a past life, a new life, or just for it to be light past 5.

If you like Mitski and Frankie Cosmos and have somehow slept on Adult Mom until now, change that immediately. They’ll be joined by Harmony Woods and Goodie for a whole evening of lo-fi goodness/sadness.

All ages, tickets and details here.

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