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Gnarcissists premiere first single “We All Just Wanna”

Photo by Jin Kay Lee.

The sounds of New York punk’s past feel instilled into the gritty garage jams of the Gnarcissists, the newest addition to the city’s ever-evolving genre. The four-piece, made up of Matthew Orr (vocals), Matt Tillwick (guitar), Nazar Khamis (bass), and Jerry Peel (drums), pull from classic NYC punk acts like the Ramones and Richard Hell both sonically and on the stage, matching the chaotic energy of their songs with their vicious live acts. It’s fitting, then, that the Gnarcissists’ debut single, “We All Just Wanna,” pays homage to New York today.  “We all wanna live in New York City/ we all just wanna get by,” vocalist Matthew Orr shouts with an urgent growl over a storm of dirty punk riffs and riotous, unpredictable drums. The track strays away from the cliche that, “If you can make it here, you’ll make it anywhere,” and is instead performed with the same simultaneous frustration and awe that inspired New York punk itself.

Find Gnarcissists on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Catch the band headline our very own *free* Cult Citizen on Elsewhere’s Rooftop on July 25th and if you’re heading upstate see them perform at Meltasia.

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