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Hablemos Del Alma creates satirical religious electronic music

Hablemos Del Alma is the moniker of Angelo Santa Cruz  a Chilean new-age electronic musician, who makes music for the “soul.” Hablemos del Alma (Let talk about the soul)  is satirically titled, Cruz riffs on the self-care craze which so often is intertwined with narcissism and gluttony. Cruz mentioned that in Chile people will often pop pain pills as ritualistically as people drink their early morning coffee. Through this form of “care” often people tend to avoid responsibility, spirituality becomes like an escape or an antidote to the uncertainty of everyday life. New Age music is often thought of as another form of escapism. Certainly, Hablemos Del Alma’s music takes the listener on a sonic experience, it’s not as straightforward as a rock or pop ballad.

Hablemos Del Alma latest track release is titled “Presagio Nocturno and he works with another artist Fulin Lawen. In Angelo’s track “Presagio” the mind becomes ensorcelled through the propulsive force of the guitar, the looping effects create a trancelike sweeping energy. Angelo Cruz interweaves abrasive, concrete drum & bass synths, with simple guitar chords. The track is more experimental and resembles early John Maus, without being cliche. His recent self-titled EP Hablemos Del Alma is slightly more lush and lo-fi, reminiscent of bands such as Blouse or Puro Instincto. Yet there, is that quasi-religious note to the music, the lyrics “una palabra bastara para cenarme” which translates to “just one word from you will fulfill me” a line manipulated from a prayer in the Bible. Rather than referring to God, it refers to a lover’s sentiments, the split that comes from not truly knowing your partner or anyone completely. There is depth and melancholy to the poetic lyrics, which confronts issues that often torment the soul. “Quienes se desaniman ante la adversidad,” which translates to “Those who get discouraged in the face of adversity” is my favorite track, his honeyed voice sounds like a sensuous hymn.  

If for some fortuitous reason you find yourself in France during the verdant summer season you can catch Hablemos Del Alma play live or along with his other musical group Nueva Costa His shows are often one infinite-like-loop, where there is no clear beginning or end. Catching him play live is like entering a whirlpool of belonging.  

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