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Holiday Cheese @ Nitehawk

You know what goes well with the holiday season? Cheese. Any kind: cheese balls, pub cheese, a big ol’ charcuterie and cheese board on a sliver of wood with the bark around the edges. The best kind, however, is cheesy holiday movies. And for that, Nitehawk Cinema has you covered.

This weekend, Nitehawk is hosting two midnight screenings of the slasher flick Black Christmas, and a few other films for brunch that require your attendance: the ultimate holiday classic Home Alone, and the 1954 musical, White Christmas (also 100% polar opposite of Black Christmas).

With Black Christmas, writer/director Glen Morgan transports us back to the simpler time of 2006, when Michelle Tracthenberg starred in movies and religious groups raged about violence in holiday movies… because you know, that was definitely the MOST controversial thing that needed to be discussed.

The premise of Black Christmas is kind of like Halloween on Christmas crack: a dastardly mother kills her son Billy’s father with the aid of her new boyfriend, locks her son away into an attic space, only to come in to rape him in order to get pregnant. Her son, now a young man, disfigures his sister/daughter, and then kills and eats his mother in the form of Christmas cookies. He’s locked away in an asylum for nearly two decades before returning this Christmas to terrorize the locals. This film is a remake of another 1970s slasher flick by the same name, bolstering the connection to Halloween.

When Billy breaks out of the asylum, it’s time to invade his old home, which now houses a local sorority. With a laundry list of co-eds to brutally murder (including the aforementioned mid-2000s teen movie princess Michelle Tracthenberg) and possibly cannibalize, Billy is sure in for a holiday treat! Fun fact: Billy’s character was influenced by the serial killer Ed Gein, who also hated his mother and had a fondness for murdering college co-eds. Check out the trailer below:

Tickets and showtimes available here.

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