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Interview: HOMESHAKE

Looking at HOMESHAKE and his trilogy of records he claims, “It felt like I had finished what was going on with the three of them. I can’t really tell you what that means it was just a feeling I had.” As a consumer, Sagar, despite his apologies for lack of depth evokes a metaphysical understanding of the three records “They were all based around different parts of the same movement in my life” Sagar said.

I see personal space as the theme connecting these three records with a progression of emergence. It relates to Yi-Fu Tuan’s philosophy of space: “The study of space, from the humanistic perspective, is the study of a people’s spatial feelings and ideas in the stream of experience.” Sagar, with each record manifests feelings and experiences associated with his personal spaces into his music.

Photo by Siya Bahal - Warsaw Concerts, Brooklyn NY

Photo by Siya Bahal – Warsaw Concerts, Brooklyn NY

From the solitary figure depicted on the cover of In The Shower then emerging into a personal realm of creation within the home, The Kitchen. Finally bursting out of the front door like a hit of Fresh Air depicted is a window existing between planes. In each album art we see a nondescript window, door, or mirror a kind of passageway that doesn’t seem to fully open until Fresh Air.

The visual breakthrough is reflected in what Sagar told the Fader, “I have a good balance on the inside, and that’s definitely what the album’s about.” Fresh Air has a balance of love songs, like “Khmlwugh,” self reflection on “Every Single Thing” and Sagar just singing about the simple pleasures of his life, “just being casual” as he says featuring the chilliest wind sample of 2017 on the title track “Fresh Air.”

I spoke with Sagar over the phone during their mid-tour break, “This venue in Quebec city gave us some chopped up cauliflower, it was pretty funny. We were driving 700km a day, it was a weird 4 days. But it’s all good now.”

When asked about his process he tells me, “it kind of just happens, I don’t have a grand idea before I’m working on writing something. it’s working at it and seeing what I can do with whatever ideas pop out of my head.” His vocals play a major part creating melody on Fresh Air with ambient synths creating atmosphere and percussive synths accenting tracks, “I’m always working to try and being a better singer, it’s not the most natural thing to me. Also try to use it more outwardly or obviously. It’s what’s what.. When I write I always start with the instrumental. Then I kind of make the vocal do whatever it needs to do to fill it out. That’s how it works out.” Sagar speaks on his musical interests for this record which he finds difficult to pinpoint. “When I was making this record, I was listening to a lot of ambient music with basically no melody, so it’s tough to say. I kind of let the things happen.”

Besides making music, Peter Sagar enjoys hang out with his partner, watching movies and playing backgammon.

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